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What is behind The Club?

Lera.Capital is a Private Investment Club formed by a group of successful and experienced investors with a track record of high-level investments in various industries over the years. In addition, it has access to the most reliable, powerful and exclusive investment platforms through high-level networking. Lera.Capital is established with the vision of building a community of like-minded investors who share the vision of making the world a better place through investments in projects that matter.

Experts & Investors from different parts of the world

Our community is exclusive and we have recently decided to expand it by making it available to select individuals anywhere in the world who have significant financial muscle, a reputable track record and share our company vision. Our investor members are located in different parts of the world as well as the exclusive investment platforms to which we have priority access. As of today, we have members from 10 different countries. The operations and investment management is performed from United Kingdom and the United States by Lera Industries, LLC.

The vision behind the investments

We care about

Decent housing

We believe in the well-being and dignity of individuals and families, providing them with a stable foundation for a better life.

Clean water

Ensuring access to a fundamental resource that supports health, prosperity, and the well-being of communities worldwide.

Shelter and food

We care about basic human needs, providing comfort and sustenance, helping individuals thrive and build better lives.

Employment generation

We invest in opportunities, as it not only fuels economic growth but also empowers individuals and communities, leading to a brighter and more inclusive future.

Education & training

We care about the investment in the potential and knowledge of individuals, paving the way for personal growth, innovation, and societal progress.

Local economy

We invest in the heart of communities, fostering self-reliance, job creation, and sustainable development for a thriving neighborhood.

You share our vision? join us!

Investing in projects that truly matter is more than a financial strategy; it’s an act of responsibility and long-term vision. In a constantly evolving world where environmental, social, and technological challenges are becoming increasingly evident, investing in projects that seek a positive impact is essential. The significance of this approach lies in the opportunity to be part of a significant change. Through investment in projects addressing crucial issues, we contribute to the well-being of the planet and society as a whole. This goes beyond financial gains, as we are shaping a better future for future generations.

Furthermore, investing in projects that matter can be equally rewarding from a financial perspective. Many of these initiatives are on the rise and offer sustainable growth opportunities. The demand for solutions in areas like clean energy, medical technology, and quality education is continuous and promising. By investing in these sectors, we are not only contributing to global well-being but also ensuring a solid foundation for our own financial success.