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The Exclusive Investment Club with astonishing returns

Earn monthly returns between 2% and 4% over a 12-month fixed period. Lera.Capital, the exclusive investment club where investors find consistent, reliable, and secure growth. Request an invitation from one of our current members or schedule a video conference meeting to join.


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Using AI to meet excellence while investing

Lera.Capital has developed artificial intelligence and automated learning models that have revolutionized the investment landscape. These advancements provide more accurate real-time analysis, identify patterns, and mitigate risks. Moreover, these advanced models facilitate on-the-spot investment decision-making, tailor strategies, and optimize contributions to our elite partners, enhancing predictability and reducing emotional biases. These innovations enable smarter and more effective investments, rooted in precise data and analysis.

To optimize investments

We invest in

Real Estate

We allocate investments to the Construction Technology, Research and Development (R&D), and Luxury Property industries.

Precious Materials

We have established partnerships with communities and buyers in the precious materials sector, including Diamonds, Gold, Silver, and many others.

Oil & Petroleum

We are active traders of combustible materials such as oil and gas, engaging in large-scale trading to ensure profitability on significant investments.

Clean Energy

We are active investors in the green energy industry, seeking the well-being of the world and emerging clean energy technology.


We invest in and utilize emerging blockchain technologies, considering it the future of transactional processes.

Forex / Stocks

We trust and actively invest using artificial intelligence processes in the world of stocks and Forex.

Experts & AI behind each operation

Our ability to achieve excellent investment returns is founded on continuous expert oversight, reinforced by artificial intelligence and our proprietary tools that offer real-time transaction visibility. Additionally, we have access to the world’s most exclusive and elite investment platforms. This blend of expertise and technology enables us to make precise decisions, identify opportunities, and manage risks effectively, resulting in substantial returns for our club members.

An astonishing 2% minimum profit per month

Wondering if Lera.Capital is the right fit for you? In general, all our investments start from $100,000.00, with minimum returns of 2% per month over fixed 12-month terms. Want to be part of the Club?