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What makes us different?

Our investor acceptance process is meticulous and ensures the value of our community and the club’s prestige is upheld. To become a part of Lera.Capital, you must be invited by a current member, and you will also need to have a video call with an advisor to verify details related to your investment expectations. Discover the benefits of our private investment club.

The Club that makes your money work for you

Lera.Capital is the prestigious global investment ecosystem that delivers competitive returns to its members. These high performances are achieved through leveraging close relationships with top-tier entities, industry experts, access to high-performance investment platforms, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Discover the benefits enjoyed by our members.

Discover our

Benefits that transcend

Full Privacy

Our verification processes, personal documents, KYC segments, contracts, transfers, and investor monitoring are strict and confidential.

One on One relationship

Our investor support center and our expert advisors have the tools to efficiently and timely provide tracking and support to each club member.

USDT Transactions

As a technology-backed club, we support transactions in USDT for receiving investment funds as well as for processing profit payments. This allows for greater transparency, efficiency, and privacy.

Ultra high performance

With minimum returns of 2% per month on investment, we position ourselves as an exclusive high-performance Private Investment Club that greatly benefits our members.

Risk-reduction technology

With our advanced dynamic investment diversification processes backed by proprietary technology and artificial intelligence, we can make investments highly secure.

Benefits Program Coming soon

Our benefits program will be a way to randomly reward our active members, from trips, gifts, and exclusive experiences to increased return percentages on active contracts.

What we expect from our exclusive community?

We are a community that builds for the future

At Lera.Capital, we hold high expectations for our members and investors. We value integrity, ethics, and a vision of making a positive impact on the world. We expect our members to be honest individuals with an honorable reputation, whose investment purpose extends beyond the accumulation of personal wealth. What we expect from our members and investors goes beyond financial figures. We want them to share a vision of using wealth as a means to develop personal projects, dreams, and goals while contributing to improving the world around us. We seek individuals whose funds originate from clean and honest activities and who are committed to responsible investment practices.

Our community is built on mutual trust and the belief that investment can be a vehicle for positive change. We expect our members to share this commitment and be willing to work together to achieve a meaningful impact on society and the world at large. In summary, we expect our members and investors to not only pursue financial success but also embrace social responsibility and the aspiration to make the world a better place.

Get familiar with the

Rules of The Club

These rules are designed to maintain the exclusivity and integrity of the club, as well as to ensure that members meet the necessary safety and regulatory standards. To become an exclusive member of Lera.Capital, you must adhere to the following rules and requirements:

Join by Invitation

You must be invited by a current member of Lera.Capital. Membership is based on recommendations and trusted connections.

KYC Verification Process

You must complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process to confirm your identity and comply with financial and security regulations.

Investment Requirements

You must meet the minimum investment requirements set by Lera.Capital to be eligible for membership.


You must commit to maintaining the confidentiality of information and details related to investments and operations within the club.

Local Regulations

You must comply with all local and tax regulations related to your investments and earnings.

Active Participation

Active participation in the club’s activities and investment opportunities provided by Lera.Capital is expected.

Read before inviting

Invite someone to Join Us

Inviting individuals who align with Lera.Capital’s vision, adhere to the club’s rules, possess honorable reputations, uphold confidentiality, and can contribute to the community’s development is of paramount importance. This careful selection process is fundamental for the growth and success of our community. It ensures that we maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics, fostering an environment in which trust and transparency thrive. The commitment to confidentiality safeguards the interests of all members and enhances the security of our operations.

Furthermore, welcoming individuals with skills, experience, and a collaborative mindset enriches our community, strengthening Lera.Capital’s position as a high-level investment club. In essence, the invitation of new members is a serious responsibility, one that, when undertaken thoughtfully, ensures a prosperous future for Lera.Capital and its members. Complete the form below to invite someone to join us.

In order to invite someone to join you must be logged into your Lera.Capital Account. Please login to your account to access the invitation form.